Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Approaching Women - Approach Women The Correct Way With These Simple Dating Tips

by Jay Sullivan

If you have no idea on how to start approaching women, then this article will help you to approach women in the right frame of mind and attitude.
I can tell you right now that at least 89% of men have no idea on how to go about approaching women. So you're not alone. Those guys that think they know how to approach a woman by using some tacky pick up line will probably fail miserably.

The way you behave, how you walk and even down to how you hold yourself when around women will give out a few signals as to how much of a confident person you are. If you walk with your head held high, chest out and your back straight, all these signs will tell a woman you are very confident, and women love a confident man.

When approaching women, never hesitate. There is something they call the 3 second rule, which means once you see a woman you like, approach her and start a conversation within 3 seconds. Doing so will tell her you're a man who knows what he wants and isn't afraid to go after it!. If you hesitate, the woman will see this as another sign of lack of confidence on your part.

Always keep eye contact and smile when talking to a woman, and also try not to fidget about when you are having the conversation aswell. Pay attention to everything she say's and ask open ended questions that the woman will be able to respond to with more than just a simple YES or NO answer.

Always end the conversation first, and try and keep the length of those first conversations you have when approaching women to around 10-15 minutes. Simply thank her for her time, tell her that you have to go and find your friends or something and get her to write her number down on a piece of paper for you. Keeping the conversations to a minimum allows the woman to see you are not a needy guy and will also leave the woman wanting more. That's if everything went smoothly of course!

These are very simple tips on approaching women, and we go into more detail about how to approach and attract women using proven seduction methods on our site, but these should give you a base to work on for now.